Zura Lagarde

Photographer, Videographer

When I turned 6 years old my father gave me my first camera. As far back as I can remember, he was always taking pictures. My passion for documenting everything through photography is something I proudly owe him. With the birth of my niece in 2008 I fell completely in love with photographing births, propelling me into a new dimension of photography. I love capturing the essence of a moment: the feelings, textures, and even the smells. I photograph through the five senses and beyond. It is a true gift to look back through photographs and feel my heart fill with warmth and joy remembering all the moments I have been blessed to be part of.

Daughter of  an Ob/Gyn

Midwife Assistant, Doula, Mother

Pregnancybreastfeeding, and birth–the most sacred event in this world—are imprinted deep into my being thanks to my father. I can still recall the many times I spent as a child accompanying him to hospitals and how quiet and observant I was absorbing everything. My passions led me to also become a Certified Midwife Assistant and Doula to better understand your birth journey. I live in Miami, FL with my three beautiful children who continuously inspire and teach me, and my amazing husband I’m fortunate to have by my side. I have a sister I treasure dearly, a cat, and a dog too.